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Through the Lens of Brokenness

When I first embarked on my photography journey, I focused on the aesthetically pleasing side of it all. I would catch myself looking at the intricate details of a flower, of the deep blue hue of the sky, and the ferocious sunsets that would cause a red and orange glow upon the land. In other words, I ignored the ugly things and focused only on the beautiful. I avoided the dirt on the sidewalk for the splendor of the rose on the bush above. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on the beautiful. I firmly believe that the beauty on this earth exists to bring God glory and to point back to Him. But on the flip side, as a photographer, I cannot ignore the dirt in this world. Our current state is a broken one.

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Creative Urge: I Gotta Do It

Ideas float through our minds like an autumn breeze carrying colored leaves.  Inspirations revisit our thoughts, stirring our imaginations to feats of wonder.  We move on with our daily functions, taking care of practical needs, but we ponder over the ideas again.  Though we forget about them during the humdrum of our routines, we’re aware of the ideas sitting in the recess of our minds.  Whenever they visit us in our daydreams, we sense the urge to embark on the ideas that have taken residence in us.

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