Dear Matthew

WARNING: This video deals with sexual assault, rape and abuse, and may be triggering for survivors. It contains language and images some might find offensive. Despite that, this video is about hope, healing, and ultimately, forgiveness. It's a spoken word poem from a survivor to the man who abused her - and it's all true.

This poem was written in 2015. I didn't quite believe it all then - and I definitely didn't mean it - but in the process of filming, editing, therapy, and living with good friends, I have finally gotten to the place where I can honestly say that I mean every word in this video. I've also learned so much about what forgiveness actually is, and what it's not.

Forgiveness isn't an open invitation to complete restoration, so, Matthew, if you find this video, I want to make it clear that I never want to see or hear from you again. Please don't contact me in any way - including messages or email. It is "a bad thing" to do so.

Forgiveness is freedom. It means choosing to believe the truth over the lies. It means being able to let this whole part of my life go, to lay it to rest where it doesn't plague me anymore. In the beginning, I didn't think that would ever be possible - but it is. I invite you to take this journey toward freedom with me, and to share this video.

Thanks for watching!   

~ kate Walker