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Silvana Tei Kenney

Silvana Tei Kenney is a local artist and Creativity Catalyst member. In her own words, she describes her art, passion, influences, and her most meaningful works.

Tell us a little about who you are. 

I am an Italo-American conceptual artist.  Though I began painting and sculpting figurative works, my interest pretty quickly moved to deal with ideas and concepts, 

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Creativity & Redemption

When something is broken, it is natural to throw it away and start over. It’s like how we throw the shards of a broken plate into the trash and buy a new one. I’m drawn, however, to works of beauty that you don’t realize are created out of broken contents until you view it closely. At the Burbank art festival this year, incredible installations and metal sculptures caught my eye from a distance. I made a beeline for that booth, bypassing the other four before it. Arriving at my targeted booth, I see that all the metal sculptures were made from rusted toys, old, nonfunctioning cameras, and random scrap parts. Other people’s trash became this artist’s raw material for beautiful creations.

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The Creative Life between His First & Second Comings

Religions have generally portrayed the ultimate good for any person is to escape this physical world that is bound to decay, deterioration, and destruction.  Everything physical that is susceptible to sickness, weakness, and harm is associated with the cause of suffering.  Whether it’s our spirits escaping the cycle of reincarnation, being united with the one source, or leaving a vile world to be in paradise based on our good deeds, religions advocate the grand dream for anyone is to abandon a flawed and fallen physical existence.  The gospel of Jesus, however, presents a uniquely creative vision.

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Artists As Sages, Heralds & Prophets

How are artists sages, heralds and prophets?  

To create profound art, artists look deeply into reality, past the surface to investigate the meaning of the way things are.  Why does the world function this way?  What does a certain social practice really mean?  What are the presumptions that lie behind common comments?  Artists seek to recognize the true meaning of things, beyond the norms, fads and trends that may present things at face value.  Insight – that is what artists aim to gain and to express to open the eyes of their viewers and give deeper understanding of truth-claims about reality. 

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Creative Urge: I Gotta Do It

Ideas float through our minds like an autumn breeze carrying colored leaves.  Inspirations revisit our thoughts, stirring our imaginations to feats of wonder.  We move on with our daily functions, taking care of practical needs, but we ponder over the ideas again.  Though we forget about them during the humdrum of our routines, we’re aware of the ideas sitting in the recess of our minds.  Whenever they visit us in our daydreams, we sense the urge to embark on the ideas that have taken residence in us.

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What Is Creativity?

One of the most common statements I hear in response to the subject of creativity is, “I am not creative.” This statement is pregnant with a set of assumptions about creativity and about oneself. Generally, what is meant is the person does not perceive him/herself to be good at arts-and-crafts or to possess aesthetic talent, such as decorating, drawing, or dancing. How we define ourselves influences greatly what we are apt to do.

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The Purpose of Creativity: Good

Contrary to popular perceptions of creativity as being purely about doing something cool or nifty, creativity bears a purpose that enriches our world. Someone recently said to me that he thought creativity was just about being artsy and crafty. It is and much more. Creativity holds back the onslaught of suffering and moves forward the progress of development. The exercise of creativity is necessary for a good world.

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