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Silvana Tei Kenney

Silvana Tei Kenney is a local artist and Creativity Catalyst member. In her own words, she describes her art, passion, influences, and her most meaningful works.

Tell us a little about who you are. 

I am an Italo-American conceptual artist.  Though I began painting and sculpting figurative works, my interest pretty quickly moved to deal with ideas and concepts, 

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Artists As Sages, Heralds & Prophets

How are artists sages, heralds and prophets?  

To create profound art, artists look deeply into reality, past the surface to investigate the meaning of the way things are.  Why does the world function this way?  What does a certain social practice really mean?  What are the presumptions that lie behind common comments?  Artists seek to recognize the true meaning of things, beyond the norms, fads and trends that may present things at face value.  Insight – that is what artists aim to gain and to express to open the eyes of their viewers and give deeper understanding of truth-claims about reality. 

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