What We Do


Re-Create Night

Re-Create Night is a gathering for soul growth for the creative person through theological & biblical teaching, discussion, creative processing/reflection, sharing, and prayer.  This is open to everyone.  It’s called “Re-Create” because the journey of soul growth for the creative is often a messy, bold and radical process of re-creation.


Time: Tuesdays, 7:15 PM – 8:45 PM

Location: 438 E Harvard St., Burbank


Art Café

Art Café is an event of presenting current and original works, finished or unfinished, in 5-minute blocks over sharing dinner together.  The format is unscheduled, where creatives present organically as each person decides to take the center floor until the time runs out.  The purposes are test current works on an audience, receive encouragement Art Café occurs as scheduled in place of a Re-Create Night.


Time: approximately every 6 weeks as scheduled (feel free to inquire)

Location: 438 E Harvard St., Burbank


Creative Ventures

Creativity Catalyst mobilizes our creatives to enact goodness for human flourishing in the community.  Often these ventures are accomplished in collaboration with another organization that serves the community.  Examples of the good we have enacted include conducting classes and exhibits at a public school, an arts benefit event for foster families, and a creative worship experience to fight against human trafficking.  The types of creative ventures we put on are whatever we dream of and whatever is best contextualized to the needs and audience of that project.


Times: scheduled

Location: various places in the city

Cre-Cat Creative Cohort 9-2017 - 2.jpg


Creative Cohorts

Creative Cohorts are half-day, intense apprenticeship sessions, where a small group sits under the teachings, counsel, and guidance of an experienced, seasoned creative professional to learn and grow as a creative person over a certain topic.  The format consists a compilation of plenary talks, Q&A, discussions, and creative processing.


Times: scheduled

Location: various places in the city


Creative Experiences


Creative Experiences are guided experiences that seek inspiration and enlightenment.  Examples include nature hikes and gallery visits.